DIY-Montessori Chinese Sandpaper自制蒙氏汉字砂纸

DIY-Montessori Chinese Sandpaper自制蒙氏汉字砂纸

Why Montessori Chinese Sandpaper ?

According to Montessori, children are born with talent and interest in writing. Children love drawing at age of 2, the sensitive period of writing start at the age of 4-5, proper methods and training can guide a child to accurate, rigorous writing.

Montessori Chinese Sandpaper helps children:

1. to learn the sound and shapes of Chinese characters,

2. gain a muscular memory of Chinese characters as a prelude to writing,

3. train child’s finger touch, develop hand-eye coordination,

4. improves children’s reading ability.

Can I buy it ?

Yes! You can buy Montessori Chinese Sandpaper on Amazon or on Chinese Taobao. There are 3 types of Montessori Chinese Sandpaper: basic strokes, radicals and Chinese characters.

If you want your child to lay a general fundation of Chinese writing, you may buy Montessori Chinese sandpaper with Chinese strokes or Chinese radicals. You can also see how to DIY Montessori Chinese Sandpaper with strokes here.

Click here to download Basic Chinese Radicials.

How to DIY Montessori Chinese Sandpaper at home ?

Materials needed:

Materials for DIY Montessori Chinese Sandpaper


If you have any questions, leave a comment! Hope you enjoy!


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