Salt Painting-A fun way to learn Chinese characters for kids.

Salt Painting-A fun way to learn Chinese characters for kids.

Salt Painting Chinese characters is a great fun art activity to learn Chinese. Your child(ren) can play, touch, trace, watch, decorate, and memorize Chinese characters in this way. Surely they love to see the watercolor run along with the salt, through Chinese strokes.

My daughter jumped with excitement while shouting” 还要还要 hái yào hái yào, I want more, more, please! “

By the way, if you visit this site the first time, I am a native Chinese speaker raising two biracial children in Poland with my Polish husband, I used to be language teacher teaching adults Chinese, now I am devoting my time to create new ideas for teaching children the Chinese language.

Materials you need are:


White glue,

Printed Chinese characters which you want to learn,

Food color,


Small glasses,

Dropper or small writing brush.


  1. Trace the Chinese character with white glue carefully
tracing “盐( yán,salt)

2. Add a good amount of salt to the glue.

Note: You need to pour enough salt over the Chinese character to ensure you cover every part of it. If you miss any spots the color won’t run over that part.

3. Carefully pour the excess salt off.

4. Let the glue and salt dry.

5.  Mix a few tablespoons of water with your choice of food coloring to make your watercolor paint.

Note: Use a highly concentrated solution of your liquid watercolors, otherwise the color will not be so vibrant.

6. Tell your child(ren) the meaning of the Chinese character and stroke order ( if possible) before painting.

7. Slowly drip the watercolor mixture onto the salt or use a writing brush to dip watercolor to the dried Chinese character.

8. Watch the magic ! See how the water is absorbed and slowly moves throughout the strokes.

Leave the painted Chinese characters to dry overnight!

What ideas do you have to learn Chinese characters with salt? Leave a comment, hope you enjoy!

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