Literacy Nursery Rhymes for kids- free printable 幼儿识字童谣-免费下载

Literacy Nursery Rhymes for kids- free printable 幼儿识字童谣-免费下载

Poetry and nusery rhymes are great fun ways to teach kids a language, I LOVE to sing nusery rythems with my kids!

Babies start to learn a language unconsciously before 3 years old, you may thnk they don’t really concentrate, but they are absorbing information from the surroundings non-stop. All we need to do is to keep speaking, singing, reading to them, as much as possible!

Here are some nursery rhymes we sing very often, they are written with easy Chinese characters, you can click the title and download.

I sing/read these poetry for my daughter whenever I have a chance, finally she learned to sing by herself. You can click to download, print them for you kids and sing with them, I hope you and your kids will enjoy!

No body plays with me 不和我玩

little flower 小花

little mouse climbs the lamp stand 小老鼠,上灯台

Panda 熊猫

dumb 哑巴

learn to swim 学游泳

little elephant 小象

take a train 坐火车


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