I am Alice, a native Chinese raising two biracial children in Poland with my Polish husband. The motivation for creating this blog was to record the ideas, experiences, and methods of teaching our children the Chinese language.

Since we live in Poland, where there are NOT many Chinese migrants, good Chinese learning materials and Chinese language preschools are very limited, I was struggling a lot to find proper educational methods and resources for my 3-year-old daughter!

The beginning of our journey was painful!

But….finally, I made my daughter learn it with JOY!

Honestly, I have been teaching adults the Chinese language for 7 years, I believed that I am an expert in teaching, I received innumerable good comments from students and schools, but…unexpectedly and disappointedly, I failed in teaching my daughter at the beginning of our language journey!

After searching all over the internet, I found Montessori teaching theory and lots of great English teaching methods. Inspired by them, I started to combine all of these so-called ” western methods” with my Chinese teaching….gradually, I caught my daughter’s heart!

Wow, what a great achievement for me! Although there are always mistakes and obstacles in our journey, I am not afraid anymore!

If you are a parent teaching your child(ren) Chinese or a Chinese language teacher for kids, you may find inspiration, materials, and practical guides here.

Since I am not a native English speaker and I am living in Poland, where English is not an official language. My writing maybe not so perfect, nevertheless, I decided to write in English and Chinese, so that those parents who are not fluent in Chinese but teach their children Chinese will find it reachable.

My family and our language journey:

me and my daughter

My daughter ( 大宝 dàbǎo; big kid ) was born in September 2016 and my son (二宝 èr bǎo; second kid) was born in December 2019. Before becoming a mother,  I believed that biracial/multiracial children are born to speak at least two languages, but the facts were not so pleasant.

From the day my daughter was born, I spoke only Chinese to her.  She entered nursery school in Poland at the age of 1.5, by the age of 2,  she spoke more and more Polish, but her Chinese sentences were very limited.

Then I started to worry about it and began to search for other parents’ experiences. Unfortunately, I did not find a lot of practical methods, actually, what I found was that many overseas-born Chinese are not able to speak Chinese fluently.  

This really alarmed me, I started seriously considering how I want to raise my children. Well, the final decision was that I am going to raise my children in Chinese no matter how difficult it is! I will teach them the Chinese language, introduce the beautiful Chinese culture to them, and implant Chinese spiritual chips in their brains.  If you are interested in knowing why you can see here .

There might be many parents like me, who have to stay abroad because of job, educational, or family issues, but are struggling to teach their children Chinese. I hope this blog, to a certain point, can be helpful for them!

I plan to share all the practical Chinese teaching methods, guides, resources, and materials created by myself and obstacles, experiences of our language journey on this blog. If you are interested, follow me for more.

 Kind Regards from me and my family!

my family

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